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TSU scientists have developed a technology that will allow medicines for external use to act quickly

31.07.2015 | Read more

A scientist from the University of Sao Paulo will continue his scientific work in quantum field theory at TSU 

30.07.2015 | Read more

A new device for environmental monitoring proposed by developers of the TSU Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics may surpass foreign analogs

29.07.2015 | Read more

A TSU teacher has assembled a 3D printer by hand and prepared an online course

28.07.2015 | Read more

TSU scientists propose to make food, medicines, and cosmetics from the biomass of earthworms

27.07.2015 | Read more

On November 13-14, 2015, TSU wiil held an international conference HR Trend: HiPos Management and Change in Corporate Culture

24.07.2015 | Read more

TSU chemists TSU will test aerogels for use in space

23.07.2015 | Read more

Sensors based on gallium arsenide, created by TSU scientists, are recognized as the detectors of the future

22.07.2015 | Read more

A young TSU scientist’s development will help identify the point of failure of breathing and heart function

21.07.2015 | Read more

TSU is the one Tomsk university among the top 50 best universities in the BRICS countries

20.07.2015 | Read more

Students of Tomsk State University has received a new mascot - Fiona the raccoon

17.07.2015 | Read more

TSU scientists have discovered soil and plant remains dating back more than 300 million years

16.07.2015 | Read more