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International Academic Council of TSU has completed a three-day work

17.04.2015 | Read more

TSU chemists will help traumatologist and orthopedists to treat people

16.04.2015 | Read more

TSU psychologists spend a longitudinal study of children from the embryonic period

15.04.2015 | Read more

All Italy will hear about TSU and Siberia

14.04.2015 | Read more

A computer programme developed by TSU scientists calculates the future of the country for 10-20 years

13.04.2015 | Read more

TSU chemists invented a simple and cheap test system for the detection of heavy metals in liquids

11.04.2015 | Read more

A TSU young scientist investigates the theoretical model for creating alternative energy sources 

10.04.2015 | Read more

TSU delegation meets with the Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Laos

09.04.2015 | Read more

TSU delegation visits Hanoi University  

08.04.2015 | Read more

A new laser developed at TSU allows sensing the atmosphere

07.04.2015 | Read more

TSU scientists invent a safe and effective UV filter for sunscreen cosmetics

06.04.2015 | Read more

TSU and Vietnam National University sign a memorandum of understanding

04.04.2015 | Read more