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Scientists from Bulgaria, Great Britain and France began lecturing to TSU master’s students

06.03.2015 | Read more

TSU Business Incubator is included in the world's largest association of science parks

04.03.2015 | Read more

Graduate student from Poland Małgozata Kohanska studies thermokarst lakes of Western Siberia at TSU

03.03.2015 | Read more

TSU scientists can create a comfortable home and a greenhouse of the future

02.03.2015 | Read more

Marc Solioz will have a course of lectures in English

27.02.2015 | Read more

TSU will train in finance on the international a level in conjunction with the University of Coimbra (Portugal)

25.02.2015 | Read more

TSU hold the first informal meeting of the post-doctorate program participants

24.02.2015 | Read more

TSU students at Maslenitsa accompanied the winter with cross-country skiing and winter fun 

22.02.2015 | Read more

TSU scientists help to conduct ground testing of new devices for spacecraft 

20.02.2015 | Read more

Employee of TSU Center BioClimLand to conquer Vasyugan as a member of ski expedition

18.02.2015 | Read more

TSU had a working meeting of representatives of European and Russian nuclear research centers

16.02.2015 | Read more

TSU hold a roundtable on international promotion of universities

13.02.2015 | Read more